Who Loves Pasta?

vodka 1I have a wonderful recipe for Vodka Sauce with Penne Pasta, right from the Borio childhood kitchen.  This is a great, simple, delicious, recipe from the kitchens of Italian Americans.  Delicious, and addictive recipe that is so simple and delicious that will impress your family, friends, or your next get together. A delicious taste and feel of old Italy you will want to share with your family for generations to come. voka


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Vodka Sauce with Penne Pasta



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One thought on “Who Loves Pasta?

  1. Debbie Brugier

    Joe, I love your videos! I want to cook everything! Keep telling my husband, “are you sure you don’t like Italian sausage?” I’ve started printing your recipes and am putting them in a binder, categorized at that! Thanks for all your hard work with the videos, I’m addicted!

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