About Us.

Joe Borio was born on February 7th, 1965 and was the third of four children. The son of a food lover himself, his dad owned and operated a popular Italian restaurant, Borio’s Restaurant. Originally opened by his grandfather Giuseppe and his grandmother Caroline shortly after they arrived here from Italy. It was here working by his fathers side, as well as his brother Tony and his grandmother Caroline, Joe fell in love with all things associated with Italian culture and food. Joe’s mother and the Toscano family were also fabulous cooks and bakers, where “Joey” as he was affectionately called by his family, was often cooking at his mothers or grandpa Tony’s side baking Italain cookies, making sauce, pasta fagoli, lentil soup, all while listening to great Italian music surrounded by the family. Because of his love for Italian culture and food and wanting to connect further with his family, Joe bought a villa in Italy and now owns and operates an organic farm and olive grove in a small village on the shore of the Adriatic. Cooking, spending time with family, friends, and sharing recipes, as well as creating new dishes to enjoy, have become his passion and joy of life. 

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Where it all Began....