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15326347_1828598394046142_6820974092713049313_nChef Joe Borio, the host of Cooking Italian with Joe, was born into a large Italian family on February 7, 1965 who love to cook and who still own an Italian restaurant today. He was the third out of four children. The Borio’s restaurant was originally opened by his grandfather Giuseppe and his Grandmother Caroline Borio in the late 1920s, shortly after they arrived in America from Italy. It was here working at his fathers and his grandmother’s side, Joey (as he is still called by his family) learned and developed his love for Italian food, family traditions, and Italian culture. Chef Joe was always helping and learning about food, cooking, baking, and more about Italian culture as he worked at his family’s side at the restaurant and home. Joe’s mother’s side, the Toscano family, were well known cooks and bakers as well, and were well known for their homemade cookies, cakes, pies, roasted peppers, pasta, sauce, risotto, and so much more.  As Chef Joe grew up, his love for Italian food and culture continued and he eventually purchased a villa with a working farm and olive grove in the region of Puglia, 19399174_1917908835115097_5692842956888138389_nin Vico del Gargano. After several years of hard work and setbacks, Chef Joe Borio and Cooking Italian with Joe started to produce their own brand of olive oil, Vito and Joe’s Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil, with much of the olives coming from his own farm. Joe Borio is the proud father of two extraordinary boys, Joey Rocco and Vito Anthony, who also love to cook and will often help in his father’s cooking show. A doctor and healthcare consultant by week and food lover, blogger, YouTube celebrity and chef of authentic Italian dishes, desserts, stories, and traditions on the weekend, Joe 19875229_1927438024162178_6736094517541892247_nBorio is proud to offer you some amazing authentic Italian Olive Oil and some truly amazing and delicious recipes. Join Cooking Italian with Joe on FacebookYoutube, and Twitter, or on his website for his recipes, stories of family, and love of life.




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