Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto


How to Prepare

   Basil (2 cups – fresh)

   Sun dried tomatoes (8 oz.)

   Garlic (2 – 3 cloves)

   Pine nuts (1⁄4 cup)

   Red pepper ( 1⁄2 )

   Olive oil

   Salt (1⁄2 tsp.)

   Pepper (1⁄2 tsp.)

   Parmesan cheese (1⁄2 cup – grated)


  1. Using a food processor, add in 2 cups of basil leaves and pulse.
  2.  Add in the sun dried tomatoes and pulse.
  3.  Using a garlic press, press the garlic.
  4.  Using the garlic press, press the red pepper.
  5.  Add in the pine nuts and pulse for roughly 30 seconds twice
    (possibly 3 times if necessary).
  6.  Using a spatula, scrape the sides and then add in the olive oil
    and pulse again.
  7.  Add in the salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. Pulse again!
  8.  Place the pesto in a serving dish and create a dent in the top and
    pour in some olive oil. Enjoy!