Gearing up for Summer in Italy and Olive Harvest 2018

Looking forward to heading it Italy in only a couple short weeks to spend the entire month of July there.  There has been so many updates at Villa la Castagnola di Borio. anwordpress post 3d the olive farm at Vico del Gargano in Puglia, Italy.   The olive farm is just about ready for summer.   The smell of the Adriatic Sea in the air and the quiet hills of Vico del Gargano bring me such calm and peaceful feelings.



The new wood fence going up and clean up at the farm ensures a wonderful 2018 olive harvest.

The spring has brought green trees which will be bountiful for a fall olive harvest.

Wordpress Post 1Stay tuned for more posts poolside during my time in Puglia at Vico del Gargano. New Recipes! New Tips! New Experiences!

Olive Farm in Vico del Gargano

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Italy Panoramic Picture

Take in the sights of our beautiful olive farm in Vico del Gargano, Italy. Pictured is Joe Borio’s gorgeous olive grove, Villa la Castagnola di Borio. These ancient  olive trees and grove are  the home Vito & Joe’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  In order to bring you the highest quality extra virgin olive oil our olives are harvested at the peak time of harvest, and are cold pressed within hours of picking. Ensuring you the highest quality extra virgin olive oil that we ship to your home.

It’s truly a “Trip to Italy In A Bottle.”


A Beautiful Snowy Day In Italy

Just wanted to share some of these beautiful pictures with you from my villa and olive farm in Vico del Gargano Italy.


Chef Joe Borio

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New Door, Roof Repairs, and Heating System…BOOM!

New heating system installed and water leak for the basement repaired! Spring is going to be awesome!


Raining in the kitchen? Never a good thing…found an explanation. Time to fix and repair some roofing tiles!


But best of all a new door for the cantina at Villa Castagnola di Borio.


Keep checking back for more pictures of the work in progress at Villa Castagnola di Borio.  They are going to be awesome.

Let there be light at Villa La Castagnola di Borio!

Working hard putting in new windows and new bedroom floor for the old villa. Will be beautiful with new old marble slabs for the floors and new windows.

Villa La Castagnola di Borio in Vico del Gargano Italy.

Out with the old in with the new but “old looking.”  Going to be a great summer!

Farm is looking better and better by the day and we will have a great spring 2018!


Making Villa La Castagnola di Borio even more beautiful. Loving the new windows and marble floor.


New window in the first floor bedroom. Let the light come in!