Chocolate Coffee Caramel Topping Syrup

Chocolate Coffee Caramel Topping Syrup


How to Prepare

   Sugar (3 cups)

   Salt (just a pinch)

   Vanilla (2 tsp.)

   Butter (½ stick)

   Coffee (1 lb.)

   Espresso (1 cup)

   Bakers chocolate (bitter) (½ oz. –               shaved)










  1. In a large bowl, add the sugar, chocolate and salt. Mix. 
  2. In a heated pan on the stove, pour in the sugar and chocolate mixture. 
  3. Stir it enough so the chocolate just begins to melt.
    1. Continuously stir.
    2. When it’s “done,” the sugar will look “dirty” as the chocolate’s color has mixed in. 
  4. Add in a few cupsful of the espresso and mix it in with the sugar.
    1. Slowly bring in the sugar from the sides to the liquid espresso. 
  5. Add in more espresso and the vanilla. Stir.
    1. At this time, you should have around 1 – 2 cups left of espresso. 
  6. Add in remaining espresso while still continuously stirring. 
    1. This mixture should be a complete liquid by now with no clumps. 
  7. Add in the butter. Stir until it melts.
  8. Drizzle the syrup with some chocolate shavings over some vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!