The Authentic Limoncello

Authentic Limoncello


How to Prepare

10 Lemons 


1 bottle or liter of EverClear alcohol


 1 ½ cups of Organic Honey




2 cups of Sugar       

  1. If the lemons are not dulled/ covered in bees wax for protection, scrub the lemon with a mild abrasive in hot water and a little soap. 
  2. Peel the lemons, but do not pick up the rind (white) of the lemon. Peel just the top layer. 
  3. The peel should be yellow on both sides. 
  4. Place the lemon rinds in a large jar. 
  5. Cut the peeled lemons in half. 
  6. Using a squeezer, squeeze the juice of the lemons into the jar of rinds. 
  7. Be sure not to squeeze any seeds into the jar. 
  8. After all of the juice has been squeeze, pour the whole bottle of alcohol into the jar. 
  9. Seal the jar and shake well.
  10. For a month (4 weeks), let the limoncello sit. 
  11. Shake daily. 
  12. After the month has gone by, take another jar without a top, place a sheet of cheese cloth over it and tighten it with a rubber band. 
  13. Gently pour the limoncello over the top of the covered jar. 
  14. The cheese cloth will catch the leftover rinds. 
  15. Add in the honey (or sugar).
  16.  Mix the honey and limoncello by shaking. 
  17. The color will change to a browner color if using honey. 
  18. Let that sit for about a week.
  19. For more room in the freezer later, after a week you can funnel the limoncello into smaller bottles (old wine bottles). 
  20. Move the limoncello to the freezer for a day or 2.
  21. Enjoy and Subscribe for more!
Authentic Limoncello

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