The Cream Di Limoncello

The Crema Di Limoncello


How to Prepare

  Lemons (10)

   Heavy cream (4 ½ cups)

   Vanilla bean

   EverClear alcohol (pure grain alcohol)       (1 bottle/ 1 liter)

   Honey (1 ½ cup – organic, filtered) OR       sugar (2 cups)







  1.  Start by removing the beeswax layer of the lemons using hot water and a mild abrasive.
  2. Use a peeler to peel lemon skin to where both sides are yellow and not white (aka: leave the rind) 
  3. Add the lemon skins into a jar. 
  4. Take the peeled lemons, cut them in half and add juice to the jar of lemon rinds. 
  5. Add in pure grain alcohol to the jar, shake it up, and leave it for a month. 
  6. In a separate jar, cover with a piece of cheesecloth and pour in the lemon rind and alcohol mixture. 
  7. Take the lemon rinds in the cheesecloth and squeeze out the remaining juice. 
  8. Add in pure filtered honey (or sugar) and vanilla bean to the juice. 
  9. Shake to mix and let it set for a week.
  10. Add the heavy cream into the limoncello. Shake well. 
  11. Let the cream di limoncello set for a week.
    1. For more room in the freezer later, after a week you can funnel the limoncello into smaller bottles (old wine bottles).
    2. Remove the vanilla bean. 
  12. Move the limoncello to the freezer for a day or 2. Enjoy!