Homemade Baked Gnocchi with Cheese


How to Prepare

1 lb Potatoes

½  cup Unenhriched and Unbleached Pastry Flour

2 Eggs (1 whole, 1 yolk)


Fresh Ground Pepper

Pinch of Nutmeg

Vito and Joe’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Pecorino Romano Cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese

Fontina Cheese

  1. Preheat the oven at 350-375 degrees.
  2. Prep the potatoes by poking 3-4 sets of holes on both sides of each potato with a fork then cover and rub in the olive oil into each potato.
  3. Place potatoes on middle rack in oven and bake for 1 hour.
  4. Once potatoes are done, peel the potatoes and cut each into fourths.
  5. Place 1-2 small pieces of the potato into the ricer at a time and slowly squeeze so it is light and airy  – repeat process for all potatoes pieces.
  6. Make a well with the riced potatoes and place 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk into the middle of the well and add 1 tsp of olive oil, pinch of salt, pepper and grated nutmeg.
  7. Mix the ingredients in the middle of the well then incorporate the potato into the mix. (Do not push down on the fork, keep it light)
  8. Create another well and for the ½ cup of pastry flour into the middle.
  9. Create a dough that is binding and sticky by using a fork to incorporate the flour into the egg and potato mixture until entire mixture is dusted with flour. 
  10. Use a baker scraper to chop the mixture.
  11. Use your hands to make sure mixture will bind and knead lightly and form into a loaf shape.
  12. Cut the loaf into even small slices.
  13. Sprinkle flour onto your countertop then begin rolling the small pieces into ½ inch diameter then cut into small pieces.
  14. Use a gnocchi board or a fork to add the traditional groove and fold to each small piece.
  15. Repeat this process for to create the rest of your gnocchi pieces.
  16. Place a large pot to boil water and large saucepan to cook the gnocchi on stovetop and also have a large side plate with and a drizzle of olive oil on bottom to avoid sticking and straining spoon ready next to your stove.
  17. Once water is boiling, add a few gnocchi pieces at a time into the water and once they rise to the top of pot they are ready to be placed on your side plate.
  18. After your gnocchi pieces are boiled, add them to your saucepan on medium heat with olive oil till each piece are slightly brown.
  19. After gnocchi pieces are all cooked, place them all into a oven safe pot of your choice.
  20. Grate cheeses into the pot of gnocchi, mix gently and grate more cheese to add to top and spread evenly across the top.
  21. Place your oven on 375 degrees and cook for about 15 minutes.
  22. Turn broiler on for 2-3 minutes and watch carefully to create a caramelized brown top.
  23. Let cool and enjoy!
Homemade Baked Gnocchi with Cheese

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