Pasta with Broccoli and Garlic

Pasta with Broccoli and Garlic


How to Prepare

   Pasta (1 lb.)

   Broccoli (3 ½ cups – cut)

   Golden onion (½ cup – chopped)

   Garlic (3 cloves – minced)

   Unsalted butter (3 tbsp.)



   Olive oil

   Parmesan cheese (¾ cup)

   White wine

   Red pepper (1/8 tsp. –crushed)

   Parsley (chopped)






  1. Coat the bottom of a large pan with a 1/3 of a cup of olive oil. 
  2. In a large pot, heat up water to cook the pasta in. 
  3. Cut broccoli into bite-sized pieces and discard extra stems.
  4. Add onions and garlic to the pan. Stir. 
  5. Add in the broccoli. 
  6. Pour in 1/3 a cup of white wine.
  7. Add crushed red pepper to the broccoli. 
    1. Cover. 
  8. Add the pasta to the pot. 
    1. The broccoli and pasta should take the same amount of time to cook. 
  9. When the broccoli is translucent, uncover and lower the heat. 
  10. Add in the butter and cracked pepper. 
  11. When the pasta is done, remove from the heat and wet drain.
    1. Leaving some moisture in the pot.
  12. Empty the pasta into a large serving bowl and add a splash of olive oil. 
  13. Add broccoli, parmesan cheese and a crack of pepper on top.
    1. Gently mix.
  14. Serve with a garnish of parsley and a sprinkle more of parmesan cheese. Enjoy!