Risotto with Butternut Squash

Risotto with Butternut Squash

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How to Prepare

   Butternut squash (2)


   Onions (1)

   Rice (1 lb.)

   Vegetable stock


   White wine (1 – 1 ½ cups)

   Olive oil (1 cup)


   Ground black pepper

   Cheese (½ cup)


  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. 
  2. Peel the skin off the squash, remove the seeds and then cut into cubes.
    1. Place into a bowl. 
  3. Drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper and place on a baking sheets with parchment paper. 
  4. Place in the oven to roast for about an hour to an hour and a half.
  5. Remove from the oven and then place in a food processor with about half a cup of stock.
    1. Puree.
  6. For the risotto, add about 1 cup of olive oil into a pan.
  7. Add in garlic, onion and mushrooms.
    1. Cook on a low heat. 
  8. After the vegetables are cooked down, add in the rice. Stir. 
  9. After a few minutes, add in some wine.
  10.  Add in hot stock a few ladles at a time.
    1. Let it soak.
  11. Add in a stick of butter and stir. 
  12. Wait for the butter to fully melt and then add in cheese and 1/3 of the butternut squash into the rice. Stir. Enjoy!